3 Important Reasons To Rent Portable Restrooms For Your Outdoor Event

Are you planning an outdoor wedding reception, birthday party, or other large celebration? Are you still in the planning stages of trying to decide exactly what you'll need? Party planning can be a long and difficult process. You might think that you have everything ordered, only to discover at the last minute that something has been forgotten. One such thing that can easily be overlooked is the ordering of portable restrooms. While you might think that the venue itself will have sufficient restrooms available, there are a number of reasons why you might want to consider renting at least a few. Some of these reasons include:

More privacy: The restroom facilities available in a park are not always the best. In an effort to prevent expensive vandalism and other criminal activity, the stalls may be missing a door on the front. While this might be acceptable for emergency use, your guests may not be thrilled about the possibility of other people seeing them partially undressed while being indisposed. Restroom rentals will allow everyone to have the privacy they want while they take care of the necessary restroom activities. Instead of your guests leaving the festivities feeling embarrassed, they'll be more likely to say that they had a good time.

Cleanliness: Park restrooms are not exactly known for being the cleanest facilities. Although most people use them properly and they are often cleaned at least once or twice a day, there are still people who seem to enjoy going to a public restroom and ruining things for everyone else who needs to go. You could arrive to find out that the paper has used to purposely clog the toilets, making the facilities completely unusable. While portable restrooms sometimes get a bad reputation as well, this state typically occurs only after several days of heavy use. Restroom rentals are cleaned, sanitized, and restocked after each use and rechecked before they are sent out again. It might not seem like it, but a just-delivered portable restroom may even be cleaner than your bathroom at home.

Handicap facilities: Many public restrooms available in parks and other outdoor venues were built before current disability laws came into effect. Efforts have been made to remodel many locations, but the lack of a proper budget can hamper construction. If you are inviting anyone who uses a cane, rollator, wheelchair, or other mobility aid, it may be difficult for them to use the facilities as they currently exist. Fortunately, restroom rentals exist that are suitable for use by people who need this type of assistance. Unlike ordinary portable restrooms that can sometimes seem a little cramped, a handicapped portable restroom is larger and more spacious. Just as with a handicapped stall in a regular restroom, there is room for a wheelchair or other mobility aid to enter so that the user can partake of the restroom facilities. 

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