3 Subtle Signs Your Home's Main Sewer Line Is Damaged

If you have noticed that most of the drains in your home have started draining slower, you may wonder if your main sewer line has been damaged. If so, look for one or more of the following subtle signs that your sewage line needs repairing.

Gurgling Sounds 

One way you can find out whether your main sewer line has been damaged is to listen for gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet. This could indicate that the pipe has cracked or tree roots have grown into the wall.

When you flush the toilet and have cracks in the sewer line, the change in the pressure in the pipe causes air to escape into the line and up into the toilet. You may even see air bubbles in the back tank of your toilet, so remove the lid before testing so you can watch and listen at the same time.

Super Green Grass In One Spot

Another sign that your main sewer line is damaged can be found by looking at the color of the grass in your yard. If you see a patch that is greener and lusher than the rest of the lawn, extra water may be leaking into the ground from a cracked sewer line.

When you see a greener patch of grass, look around to make sure there are no other causes, such as a garden hose that is trickling in the area or a drain spout that is dripping water from the most recent rain storm. If you can find no other cause for the change in your lawn, it is likely you have a damaged pipe, especially when combined with other signs.

Lawn Starts Sinking And Stinking In One Area

If you do see a greener area of your lawn, walk on and around the patch. If excess water has saturated the ground below it, you may notice that your feet sink with each step. You may also see water come to the surface around your feet.

If you also notice a foul stench with each step, sewage has most likely leaked into the ground from a damaged sewer line. This is especially true when combined with one or more of the other signs discussed.

If you notice one or more of the signs above, your home's main sewer drainage line may be damaged. You may want to contact a drain repair service as soon as possible to have them inspect your pipes and discuss with you options for taking care of the problem before the damage become extensive and more costly. For more information, contact a business such as Roto-Rooter Sewer And Drain Cleaning Service.