Four Things You Need To Do To Make Sure Your Company Is Ready To Produce Food-Based Products

Though proper housekeeping is essential in every manufacturing facility, it is of the utmost importance for businesses that produce food contact materials. Food contact materials are those that directly come into contact with food, such as boxes, liners, and packaging materials. Follow these guidelines to make sure that your facilities are in compliance with FDA standards for the production of food contact items.

1. See That Employees Wear the Appropriate Gear

Employees that will be operating the machines that produce food contact materials need to always wear the correct equipment. Hair nets are a must, regardless of the employee's hair length. Make sure that each employee uses a new hair net at the start of each shift and after any breaks off the floor.

Don't forget beards! Thanks to the popularity of facial hair, you may have some employees who have bushy beards. See that your employee's beard hair remains on his face by requiring the employee to wear a beard net.

2. Promote Proper Hand Washing 

Current standards require employees who work with food contract materials to wash their hands before that start of each shift. Employees must also wash their hands after breaks and trips to the restroom.

To remind employees of the importance of hand washing, post a sign at each hand washing station with the correct procedure for thoroughly cleansing the hands. Check that each station is stocked with soap and an approved hand drying device. Make sure that there are a sufficient number of stations throughout the plant.

3. Keep Food and Drinks off the Floor

Outside food and drinks are not allowed in areas that manufacture food contact supplies. Make sure that employees understand the importance of this rule and do not try to sneak snacks during their shifts.

Regulations do permit employees to keep a water bottle near the machine. However, they must use a water bottle that satisfies the criteria for being around food contact supplies. Look for water bottles that explicitly state that they are designed for use in an environment that produces food contact supplies.

4. Keep Your Supplies for Food Contact Machines in a Designated Spot

Machines that are used to produce food contact materials must always be serviced with food grade supplies, such as food grade oil, silicone spray, and cleaning solutions. Check that these supplies are clearly labeled for food grade use. When the food contact supplies are not being used, they must be stored in a designated location, away from materials that are not approved for use in the manufacturing of food contact materials.

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