3 Outdoor Signs Your Home's Septic Tank Needs Immediate Attention

If your home's drains have started to slow down, you may wonder if your septic tank is starting to back up. If so, look outside of your home to see if you find any of the following signs that your home's septic tank needs immediate attention.

Patch of Overly Green Grass in Your Yard

The first thing you may notice when your septic tank is backed up and leaking is a patch of overly green grass in your yard. As the waste and gray water leak into the soil, it provides fertile ground for the grass to grow above it.

Go outside, and scan the area of your lawn where you know the septic tank is buried. If you see a particularly lush, green patch of grass that seems to grow faster than the rest of your yard, the likely culprit is a backed up septic system.

Foul Odor Seemingly Coming from Nowhere

Another sign that your septic system is backing up and leaking into your yard is a powerfully foul odor that seems to come from nowhere. The more sewage that leaks into the ground, the more you will notice it. As it gets worse, your neighbors will likely start complaining about the smell.

Walk towards the green patch of grass, and breathe in deeply as you walk until you reach the area. If you notice both the odor and the lush grass, these signs together are nearly definitive proof that your septic system needs to be pumped out.

Puddle of Off-Colored Water During Dry Weather

While you are above the area where your septic system is located, look for a puddle of off-colored water. If you do find standing water, especially if the weather has been dry for several days, this indicates a serious problem.

If the septic water is leaking in such large amounts as to cause a puddle in your yard, it is most likely severely clogged up and should be pumped as soon as possible.

However, this could also be a sign that a pipe in the system or the tank itself has ruptured. A service that deals with septic systems can differentiate between the two and take the necessary actions.

If you find one or more of the signs above, your septic tank is likely overflowing and is in need of immediate pumping. You should contact a sanitation company that offers septic tank cleaning services to have them verify the problem with your system and pump out the backed up system. For more information, visit http://www.bergtanksinc.com/home