Relief For Those Left Behind: Suicide Cleanup Services

For those living in homes where a suicide has occurred, dealing with the stress of the required cleanup can be devastating during an already tumultuous time. Luckily, suicide cleanup services provide a professionally-trained crew that will clean and disinfect the living area, providing a safe and habitable environment afterward. Here is a brief explanation of what to expect with the arrival and services of a suicide cleanup crew. 

Arrival and Initial Assessment

Workers will usually arrive in vehicles that are discretely marked for the respect of privacy for their clientele during this especially difficult time. Upon the arrival of the cleanup team, clients can expect a walkthrough to be performed. This process not only serves as a way for the crew to assess the area but also set up a parameter to separate as a dedicated workspace. The team will use the walkthrough as a means of discerning the size of the cleanup area as well as what types of materials and tools may be required to complete the job. Damage to the property will also be noted during this time including any damage incurred as a result of coming into contact with bodily fluids. 

Cleanup Process

The occurrence of a suicide can leave behind both physical and emotional complications for those still residing in the home. Professional cleaners will ensure the entire area is completely cleaned of any remnants of bodily fluids or compromised materials to guarantee the safety of residents. Because of the dangerous nature of hazmat substances such as blood or other bodily fluids, this process should only be completed by a professional suicide cleanup crew. Working in a taped-off area, workers can be expected to wear protective gear and they work through the cleanup process. Visible blood or other fluids will be removed during this time, and appropriate cleansers or tools will be utilized to completely disinfect the entire area. 

Guaranteed Safety

When a living area is compromised with a biohazard such as bodily fluids, steps must be taken in addition to a surface cleaning to ensure the area is completely clean and disinfected. Unseen contaminants and bacteria could otherwise remain, posing a severe health hazard for anyone who still occupies the living space. The cleanup team will use products to help disinfect and sterilize the area as well as run tests using specialized technology to guarantee the area is appropriately cleaned and safe to reside in. Areas that have been damaged to the point of severe risk to the inhabitants or are unable to be completely cleaned will be removed to further protect the occupants of the living space.